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Seiyo is a AU Asian Entertainment RPG set in Seoul, South Korea.
The plot is inspired by the television show Heroes, as well as various other sources.
In this rp, every week (Sunday), the mod will post something announcing that it is a new day, and a description of what is going on in the overall plot of the rp. All logs for a certain day must be posted before the next day begins.

It is rumoured but not widely accepted that for approximately the past ten years, humans have been cropping up all over the planet with unexplainable powers, varying from telekenisis to time travel to control over elements. This fact has been suppressed by various governments, wanting to keep the information to themselves.

In South Korea, it is no different, but one day soon, things are going to change. There is a secret government organization known only as Sector Z working on passing laws to capture, lock up, and control people with powers, and it won't be long before they get greedy and expand their reach to the other nearby Asian countries.

The only way these special people will be safe is if they band together, hide, and fight to keep their secret, and to keep their lives.

Rules and Facts.

✖ Keep Mun drama and Muse drama seperate. This is a must. Mun drama will not be tolerated and the mods reserve the right to immediately remove anyone from the game who does not do this.
✖ No godmodding.
✖ Every muse must have their own LJ and AIM. No crossing over LJ accounts with different roleplay games, but AIM accounts can be crossed over as many times as you want.
✖ This roleplay is completely anonymous, but muns are expected not to claim more muses than they can handle. If necessary, limits will be set.
✖ Only one muse per band if there are less than 7 members, two muses per band if over 7. (example: one mun can be two members of Super Junior)
✖ Try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. No one is perfect, but at least try.
✖ Contact the mods and other muses involved with complex issues such as pregnancy, self-harm, death of characters, etc.
✖ Activity checks will be at the beginning of every month. Innactive muses will recieve a warning, and have a week to post before they are dropped. Logs and Journal Entries count towards muse activity.